Are you familiar with animal cruelty? If you are very much aware of it, you know how animals are maltreated by other individuals. You also know how other people badly care for their dogs and of course other dogs. As we all distinguish there are cases or situations that happen here on earth which is really painful in our hearts. It’s like seeing a child who receives millions of punches from his parents. It is really something that will let everyone (who has a good heart) to be pale and cry.

Since there are many cases about animal cruelty, there are also other people who are Samaritans. This is not totally about animal cruelty but this is something to do with not showing love to animals like dogs. Recently, a Pennsylvania patrol officer whose name is Nick Ague was considered a hero after saving a dog, German shepherd, from a car accident in South London berry. This deed of heroism happened when Nick Ague heard on the radio that there was a car accident near to the police premises where he works. They were two dogs involved during the accident. Aside from saving the dogs’ lives, he was also saving the people inside the cars because they get hurt and even wounded.

When Nick Ague and other police officers came on the area where the car accident happened, they were not able to see the two dogs so he and his company looked for them. When they saw the other dog called Mya, they flagged it down but every time they stopped their patrol cars, the dog ran from them. To be able to stop Mya, they called the owner. However, when the owner has arrived, Mya was not moving at all because it is deeply wounded. So he immediately took Mya to the near hospital.

In this instance, the person did not hesitate to help the dog. He did not just become as a police officer but a savior of life. If for example, there is a different police officer who is assigned that time, can that man save the dog that is fighting or holding on his life? It maybe not happens. Let’s thank God because there was a police officer like him during that time. This proves that Nick Ague has a big heart. He is not just a hero but a true model that needs to be emulated by every one of us.

We can say that he is a good person and it is indeed that Samaritans do exist here on earth. With his willingness to help the dog, he is someone who needs by the whole police force.  Nick Ague is really a role model to everyone not just by the police officers but also to all kinds of people. This reminds us to love all things that have created by God. This also reminds us to be humane, to help people, animals, and other things when they need and not need us.