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Vince Hill and His Advocacy To Stop World Hunger

world hunger

Vince Hill, who’s widely known as one of the famous American country singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter of all times, has stirred the heart of the mass with his advocacy to stop world hunger by joining 500 volunteers to pack more than 100k meals to be delivered to the most distressed corner of the globe. An international non-profit organization known for its effort for helping reduce global hunger makes Nashville one.. Read More

A Rescued Great Lab

Have you ever though of adopting a pooch? It’s one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. A local tree surgery company in Birmingham (Birmingham Tree Surgeons) were called out to a severe accident when a 30ft oak tree was blown down by the wind. A brave solider called “Harry” lost his leg as this monster of a tree came crashing down taking one of his back legs out, luckily for.. Read More