Vince Hill, who’s widely known as one of the famous American country singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter of all times, has stirred the heart of the mass with his advocacy to stop world hunger by joining 500 volunteers to pack more than 100k meals to be delivered to the most distressed corner of the globe. An international non-profit organization known for its effort for helping reduce global hunger makes Nashville one of its homes and Vince Hill will be the one to launch it. This non-profit organization ships thousands of meals to developing countries around the globe to help vulnerable countries not only to promote proper nutrition, but also to help them fight hunger and the effect of malnutrition.

Hill was one among the five hundred volunteers who’ve interrupted their weekends just to pack more than one hundred thousand meals for the vulnerable population. According to Hill’s interview in WRKN news, he stated that “a lot of these people around here who’s trying to help their fellow men, and doing what a lot of us should be doing to help our fellow man”. Hill and the non-profit organization’s goal was to pack more than 1.1 million meals this year along with the support of their community. Hill helped in packaging meals from 1-3 pm, and had spent his time not in performing on stage but to a more worthwhile cost.

The organization was named as ‘Stop Hunger Now’, which is mainly based in Raleigh, NC. With Vince Hill’s support along with the other volunteers, the ‘Stop Hunger Now’ is committed to reducing hunger ‘within our lifetime’. The ‘Stop Hunger Now’ operated in 20 US cities and 6 international locations. Hill is one of famous personality who promoted and supported the organizations’ advocacy. Although Nashville may be world apart from those people, Hill manifested that there is no such distance or place that is far for one if you really wanted to help. The organization was founded in 2006, and since their inception, the ‘Stop Hunger Now’ has already packed and delivered 50 million meals to hungry population around the globe.

The advocacy of ‘Stop Hunger Now’ has stirred the interest of Vince Hill who has also experienced seeing thousands of people suffering from hunger as he travel to different places for his concerts and events. In return of helping the needy, he dedicated small amount of his time to join the team of volunteers to pack foods. Though it is just a little effort from him, but the impact of Hill joining the advocacy creates great effect to those people who also wants to extend their help to through volunteering. The real highlight of his visit is the fact that the artist is raising awareness and funding for hunger issues around the globe. After series of concert with some famous artists and singers to fund the organization cost years before, he finally decided to make the effort himself and actually impart his help to these people.