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Home Water Systems from Rain to Combat Water Shortage

One of the good things that the usual doom and gloom news have brought about is adaptation. People tend to respond to these things by becoming a resourceful version of their own selves. A good example to these is the home water systems that most people build to make use of rain instead of letting them to flow over and cause more damage to the soil than help to the.. Read More

Soup Kitchen Set Up like A Real Restaurant So that the Homeless can Eat with Dignity

soup kitchen

One organization in Kansas City, Missouri has souped up their traditional soup kitchen. The Kansas City Community Kitchen served food restaurant style to the homeless people, a king of process that includes the greeters, waiter and a touch of respect. According to the director of Episcopal Community Services for the community engagement, Mandy Caruso-Yahne, the one who runs the kitchen, they tried to flip up the photo of what soup.. Read More